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A List Of Essential Must Have Travel Items To Make Your Life Easier

a list of essential must have travel items to make your life easier

Traveling can take up a lot of time and energy, but the excitement of getting on a plane to go explore new places and create new experiences makes it so worth it!

However, there’s nothing worse than packing for your trip only to realize that you forgot an important item or two upon arrival. This can put you in a negative headspace when you should be excited about your trip.

Fortunately, you don’t need to stress. I got you! 

I put together this list of essential must-have travel items to make your life easier for your trips. Each of these items, I personally tested and thoroughly reviewed before I purchased them. They also have thousands of reviews from other purchasers on Amazon. Whether going on a business trip, a family vacation, or a solo adventure, these items have helped both my husband and I make the packing process easier and stress-free as possible, especially for my beauty enthusiasts.

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Hair Tool Travel Bag with Heat Mat

If you like to bring your hair tools when traveling, keeping them organized can be hard. You don’t want them to get tangled, damaged, or burn hotel surfaces. 

This is why I use this hair tool travel bag to keep my hair tools together. I don’t carry much but this holds everything even my hair clips, ties, and a box of bobby pins.

This hair tool bag has helped keep my tools together and surfaces safe. 

I seriously dislike getting wrinkles on my clothes. It is very common for resort wear or fragile materials to become wrinkled when folded and stuffed in a bag. While some hotels do provide irons, not all hotels or Airbnbs offer this service. 

Another thing, ironing requires a hard surface which may be inconvenient when traveling. 

The solution I have for this is a foldable steamer

Compact enough to allow for easy storage, perfect for travel purposes. All you have to do is hang your items, add water to the steamer, and steam away.

As a beauty enthusiast, it’s important to carry a folding travel mirror with lights in your arsenal. The reason why is that sometimes you won’t have good lighting in your hotel room. I have been there way too many times.

This is why I highly recommend this rechargeable and foldable mirror.

My beauty gurus, we already know the importance of needing good lighting in order to apply our makeup.

This mirror has been a lifesaver, to say the least. 

Best part? It’s small enough to fit inside my toiletry bag or purse for compact traveling. Also, because it’s rechargeable, I don’t have to worry about running out of batteries. 

These next two are for my makeup lovers. This sponge holder is a MUST in my makeup arsenal when traveling. Even if it’s not an actual vacation, more like traveling to a friend’s/family member’s house to do their makeup, I use this to store and transport my makeup sponge. Due to this holder being flexible and having ventilation hollows on both sides, my sponge has ventilation to “breathe” and properly dry, especially after washing it. 

The second item for my makeup bag is this Brush holder. Made out of the same material as the sponge holder making it easy to clean. It’s also flexible and easy to store with small magnets that help prevent your brushes from falling out. 

I purchased two, one for my brushes and another one for makeup products like lip liners, eyeliner pencils/pens, concealer tubes, mascara, and/or any additional thin-shaped makeup products that can fit.

A good quality toiletry bag is a must for travel especially for those who have a passion for beauty. Not only is it a necessity to keep your products in one space, but it also helps keep your items separate to prevent spills and leakage.

Do not be fooled by a toiletry bag only being for women, men also need these types of bags for their personal hygiene items. 

I have this toiletry bag in large. It has space to carry my products such as skincare, makeup, sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, and other essential items that I need. The best part is, I can hang this bag off a hook or towel rack to help with limited counter space. When done just zip it up and you’re good to go.

Side Tip: If you are someone who loves outdoor activities, like hiking, camping, skiing, or any other sports that require specific gear, a toiletry bag can also come in handy for storing your equipment.

Let’s face it, traveling is already overwhelming, especially when it comes to organizing your belongings. The last thing we want to worry about is unorganized wires and cables all over our bags.

One of the best ways I recommend to keep your miscellaneous electronics and wires organized is with this electronic case. This bag helps to compartmentalize your gadgets and wires. This way you avoid tangled cords or losing precious sim cards or additional electronics in your bag, risking damage.

As a proud owner of multiple Apple products including an Apple Watch, AirPods, and an iPhone, having my chargers is absolutely necessary.

The problem is … I do not want to carry multiple wires and outlet boxes with me. It’s not convenient and they just end up taking up space. 

So to fix this, I ended up getting this 3-in-1 Magsafe charger and the carrying case for when I travel. Even if it’s just staying overnight at my mom’s house.

This charger is extremely handy, and I love the fact that I can rely on it to charge all my devices simultaneously. It’s a real game-changer, and I don’t know how I could have managed without it. 

When traveling to less developed countries, it can be an exciting and valuable experience which allows you to learn about different cultures. However, it’s important to remember that finding safe drinking water can be difficult in some of these places. 

On my recent trip to Egypt, I brought along this Brita Filter Water Bottle. Of course, you do not want to put muddy water in there. LOL. 

Instead, I used this bottle to filter tap water and even my bottled water.

This baby filters water to remove things like bacteria, sediment, and chlorine (which can make you sick) making it safe to drink. 

By using this bottle, you can have clean water, no matter where you travel. If you’re going to a less developed country, it’s a good idea to pack a Brita water bottle in your bag to stay healthy and hydrated.

Another pet peeve of mine is tangled jewelry or loosing jewelry on a trip. There’s nothing worse than trying to get ready quickly on a trip and having to spend extra time untangling my necklaces or searching for missing earrings. It is extremely stressful and stress is something we don’t need when we are on vacations.

That’s why I got this jewelry travel case specifically for organizing my jewelry. 

This travel case has been a lifesaver for me. Not only does it keep my jewelry organized, but it also keeps everything in one place. I don’t carry a lot of jewelry with me, but I do like to have a few options that match my outfits. This case allows me to keep everything sorted by type, so it’s easy to find what I need when getting ready. Overall, I highly recommend investing in a jewelry travel case like this if you’re someone who likes to wear jewelry while on the go.

I take pride in my collection of sunglasses which ranges from affordable to highend brands. Every single pair is valuable to me, which is why I make sure to take care of them and protect them from potential damage. Unfortunately, I have either broken glasses or overwhelmed with the carrying multiple sunglass holders.

For this reason, this sunglass holder goes with me wherever I go, protecting my shades. 

This little case that I have found has been an absolute lifesaver when it comes to managing my meds and vitamins. 

Before, I would often struggle with carrying around bulky medication bottles everywhere or had to make do with those flimsy aluminum packets that were annoying to carry around.

Thankfully this mini pill case, I don’t have to worry about that. It is compact and lightweight, with different compartments  I can label for each type of medication I carry. Furthermore, I can even sort out the exact amount I need for each medication, which makes it easier for me to pack my pills and stay organized. 

Side Tip: If you want to find out more about the traveling requirements on medication you can check out TSA's requirements here.

Neck Pillow

travel memory foam neck pillow a list of essential must-have travel items to make your life easier

Travelling is an experience that many of us look forward to, but not everyone can afford travelling in the luxury of first-class. However, when it comes to business class, it can be quite uncomfortable especially on those long flights. I can never lay my head properly in those seats, especially traveling with my kids.

The thought of being confined in a limited space for hours on end can be daunting, especially when you’re trying to make yourself comfortable. 

This is where a neck pillow comes in handy. 

A neck pillow is not only handy, but it is an essential item to make our travels a little more comfortable. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, make sure to bring your neck pillow.

When traveling, the importance of maintaining a well-organized suitcase cannot be overstated. 

From my personal experience, I have found these packing cubes incredibly useful on my travels. 

They allow me to sort all my different pieces of clothing, from my shoes to my bras and everything in between. Not only do these cubes help me keep track of my items; they allow me to effortlessly switch up my outfits on the go, without the hassle of unraveling all my clothes upon arrival. 

I usually prefer to pack my clothes in separate cubes, with outfits grouped together in one, body suits or dresses in another, and my undergarments and socks in yet another cube.

It also came with a shoe bag that I generally use for my slippers or sandy shoes on vacation. These cubes have truly simplified the way I pack for my travels. I highly recommend them.

When traveling internationally, it’s good to have a universal adapter on hand. On my recent month-long trip to Egypt, I noticed several locations I was staying at did not have the updated outlets they do now.

But, I am going to be honest, even with the updated outlets throughout Egypt, I still used this adapter. 


A. I was able to connect multiple items at once.

B. It’s also a surge protector. 

Fun fact: back in 2010 I lost one of my phones to a lighting surge when I was vacationing in Dominican Republic. Honestly, the start of my adapter journey.


Next on my list are Apple AirTags. 

I have found Apple AirTags to be an absolute must-have. I make sure to use one for each of my checked bags when I am traveling. This way, I can rest easy knowing that my bags are easily tracked, without the need for me to label them with my personal information. It’s a subtle yet effective way to ensure that my belongings are always safe and sound. 

This amazing little product helps transmit airline entertainment audio to your AirPods via Bluetooth. NO MORE CORDS!

This wireless Bluetooth really does speak for itself.

I have tried and tested numerous travel items over the years, and these are the ones that have truly made a difference in my travel life. 

From the compact steamer to versatile packing cubes for organization, to the wireless Bluetooth audio transmitter, these items have made my travel life smoother. If you’re looking for ways to simplify your travels and enhance your experience, I highly recommend giving these items a try. 

Don’t forget to share with your fellow traveler, also comment down below what item you can’t travel without.

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